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Mobile Repairing Course in Delhi

Why we are the best Mobile Repairing Course in Laxmi Nagar Delhi Head Office?

Mobile Repairing Course in Delhi is offering different short time training for numerous mobile repairing course at a reasonable fee. The curriculum provides practical knowledge and also gives knowledge of theoretical principles required in the field of mobile repairing. Our courses make students dextrous in fixing all type of technical problems of a Mobile.

We provide the following courses:

This course provides all the skills and technical knowledge you need for mobile repairing.

Mobile Repairing Engineering (MRE) 3 months


MRE is a short-term course we are providing that is vocational and job oriented.

Basic Mobile Phone and Chip Level Training – This is about all the basic mobile phone and chip level training.

Mobile Phone complete software repairing-If you are looking for a complete software repairing course, this the course for you.

Mobile Phone basic electronics and complete hardware repairing – This is an important part of the course.

Mobile Advance Repairing Engineering (MARE) 1 month


– A short-term course is for taking the skill to the next level.

Advance Hardware Mobile Repairing Course – This is for the advancement of the already proficient people.

Special Chinese Mobile Repairing Course Training-We also provide training for Chinese mobile repairing course.

Advance Mobile Phone Software Repairing – This course includes providing training to advance mobile phone software repairing.

Mobile Expert Repairing Engineering (MERE) 4 months

– This is a fast track course provide all the detailed knowledge of mobile repairing course. This is a comprehensive course involving the syllabus of both the above courses

Our Mobile Repairing Institute’s basic training provides:

History of Mobile Phone – Gives knowledge on the history of a mobile phone.

GSM and CDMA structure – Give detailed knowledge on GSM and CDMA structure.

Frequency and Channels – Provides knowledge on frequency and channels.

GPRS, Bluetooth, Infrared – Give information on GPRS, Bluetooth, and Infrared

All Advance mobile Repairing Class and Basic Mobile Repairing Course & Chinese Mobile Repairing

Class 100%  On Board Training.

    Advance Mobile Repairing Course in Delhi

At our institute, we are providing advance mobile repairing course to the beginner and experienced professionals in Mobile Repairing. We are providing both the short-term and long-term courses to our students. Our courses are one of the best Mobile repairing courses in Delhi. In our course, we are emphasizing on both theoretical and practical training. Our modules are simple to understand and easily explained.

We have special module designed according to the requirement of the student. Our institute is an advanced mobile repairing institute that is focusing on vocational courses as well. The vocational courses that we are providing are short-term courses that include job-oriented training as per the requirement of the industry. We are also providing a basic course in which we are providing training of basic mobile phone and chip level training. In our mobile repairing Institute in Delhi, we are also providing mobile complete software repairing training courses that are for the students or professionals that are into mobile software repairing. In addition to the above courses, we provide our students with the complete knowledge of basic electronics and complete hardware repairing.

Advance Mobile Repairing Course Benefit

At our advance mobile repairing institute, we are also providing special Chinese mobile repairing courses that help our students in repairing the upcoming Chinese mobile phone models. Our courses also include, a very productive course designed for the students that want to learn at a fast pace, and want to finish the course quickly so that they can get the job on earliest. The course is a fast track course, which covers up the history of mobile phone, GSM and CDMA structure, frequency, and channels, and information on GPRS, Bluetooth and infrared in just four months.

All the above training is 100% onboard training and is completely job oriented. All these courses are practical and designed to fulfill all the requirements of a job and doing it confidently. Our Advance Mobile repairing Institute has many success stories of our students to share with you. If you also want to have a similar success story and want to share it with the other advance mobile repairing course aspirants, you can call us for more details on the fee structure and modules of the course.

Apart from providing the above knowledge our Mobile repairing institute in Delhi also provides an Overview of electronic components and Chip Level soldering and De-soldering. We are a Mobile repairing institute in Laxmi Nagar that will give a course that will be value for money for you and the best use of your precious time.

How To Choose The Right Job After Doing Mobile Repair Training

A mobile repairing course is among the top achievers in the electronic industry. Learning to fix the most commonly used device is profit. You will be getting a lot of job opportunities right after leaving the mobile repairing course in Delhi.

We will be discussing some points in this article which will help you in choosing the right opportunity.

  • Get Training accordingly- If you want to make a job finding easy then it is better to get training for brands and companies not for particular parts. Training for different departments will make it easier for you in many ways. A lot of people only focus on android or apple but they forget that there are many more companies when it comes to android. Make the right decision before your training ends from the mobile repairing institute in Delhi.


  • Institutes that provide placements– This hunt for an institute that offers placement after the completion of its courses is very much important for the future career. The placement institutes will assure that after your mobile repairing course is over, there is enough number of brands that hire talented and skilled repairing technicians.


  • Memorize theory and practical manuals by heart- You must know the syllabus and critical technology manuals by heart and you should be able to recite them whenever you would want to. Sometimes the interviewer asks such basic manual questions during your placement just to check whether they are aware of the basic terms or not because we try to grab difficult technology terms and techniques and forgets the basic one. So we should try to memorize all the theory and practical key points taught in mobile repairing Institute in Delhi because they might be asked.


  • Participate in mocks – During your course period, you might come across various practical trials as well. We have often observed that students take them very lightly. However, if you are serious about making your career in the mobile repairing industry then it is highly recommended that you should take these practical’s seriously.

Devices can get a bit tricky once you are dealing with the hardware part. Rules only work with software. Repair work would largely be used in hardware parts. To get hold of the practical concepts you need to work on real devices seriously while you are going under training from mobile repairing institute in Delhi.


  • Knowledge of spare parts could be a lifesaver– Sometimes people think that if spare parts are lying around they are a piece of trash but trust me they are not. These spare parts can help you to go a long way for learning methods. Mobile parts and fixing them for practice is a very good way of finding out how efficient you are and what have you learned so far from the mobile repairing course in Delhi. Practical fixing of mobile devices can help you in becoming a professional expert and you can easily judge your skills and talent.

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