We are an institute that specializes in AC repairing course and AC installation course. Our course is famous all over India for the quality and affordability of the courses. The best part of our course is that it is available in all the big cities of India at different centers of ABCMIT. After helping hundreds of students of our mobile repairing course get a good job, we are now focusing on our AC repair and installation courses in Delhi and placing the students in good companies.

We are also planning to commence our new batches under AC repairing courses in Delhi. If you are searching for any such course in Delhi or other cities of India, you can consider our course, where you can avail the following benefits:

World-class AC repairing course Noida faculty – The foremost benefit of our course is that we are providing world-class faculty to our students. Our faculty is experienced and knowledgeable. They are from the core industry and have seen many real-time cases that will be very beneficial for our students.

Any good institute is known by its faculty members. We understand it well and emphasize it a lot while recruiting our faculty members. All our trainers are themselves from the core industry and have solved many AC related issues related to both the installation and repair of an AC. The trainers we are providing are all very supportive. They are very patient with the students and are helping them in all the issues related to AC repair.

Effective and practical training- The AC repairing Training that we are providing is effective and practical. We are providing effective training that is easy to understand for all grades of students. The pace of the training we are following in our classes is suitable for our students. We are covering all the aspects of the AC repairing course in India and providing all the information related to the structure of an AC to our students.

Affordable AC repairing and installation courses – Our courses are affordable and reasonable in comparison to the other institutes’ courses. We are one of the oldest institutes providing training in AC repair and installation and our already well-settled institute, is providing different attractive schemes to our prevailing students and new applicants.

AC repairing course

We are focussing on good faculty and world-class practical labs for our students and other course-related facilities getting innovated in India and outside India. In our institute, we are providing training to make our students perfect and skilled. We are catering them with both knowledge and practical skills to make them perfect in AC repair and installation.

Both short-term and long-term AC repairing course & Installation – In our course, we are providing both long-term and short-term courses that are of different time slabs and durations. We are also providing an advanced level course for the AC repair professionals that include training them for using some advanced tools or for educating them on advanced technology.

All Ac Repairing Course Details

All Type AC HVAC Functioning

Advance &Basic Air Conditioning Components

Centralized Air Conditioning & its Parts

HVAC Control

Indoor Air Quality

Study on Psychometric Chart

Building Heat & Cooling Load Calculation

HVAC Design Calculation

The software’s using in HVAC Designing

Our AC repairing course keeps on updating with the new technologies coming in the market and our modules also get updated as per the market. The biggest challenge for us is to keep in the pace of technology and we are handling it well. With the updating of our AC repairing Institute modules, we are also putting all the emphasis on how to update the students on AC repairing technology to make them perfect in it.

AC repairing Training with a job – If you are looking for a decent paying job, you can join ourAC repairing job-oriented course. In our course, we are providing the training that is providing all the stuff that is for the best use of our students in the job market.

Candidates trained from our institutes are all joining good companies and AC repairing centers and getting a good salary to start with. In our last batches we have touched the 100% placements slab and incoming batches as well we are determined to provide placement to each student of our course.

The AC repairing job market is waiting for trained candidates. After doing this course, you can enter a job market that is offering many opportunities for skilled candidates. Our AC repairing course can make you a true match for this job market and can make this a cakewalk. Many candidates think that perfection can be earned with experience and their salaries will increase after working 2 of 3 years. But in our opinion, if you will enter the job market after getting fully trained, you will able to save your time and put a good impression on your employers.

Grooming for jobs and interviews – The plus point of joining our AC repair course Near Me will be the grooming. Did we get trainers and groomers at our institute that is providing training on interview skills and other grooming skills like interpersonal skills, how to dress? And other related skills.

The grooming will be an added advantage for you and will help you a lot in fetching a job that you may not be able to get otherwise.

Free tool kit – In our course, every student will get his tool kit containing all the tools required in their jobs. Our AC repairing course  Noida is an advanced course where we are training our students on both basic and complex issues related to AC repair. The toolboxes we are providing is of high quality and never fail you in your job in hand.

If you are also looking for such advanced AC repair and installation courses, you can contact us anytime and get the required details. Call us today to book your free demo class to experience it yourself.