ABC Mobile Institute Provide Computer Hardware Repairing Course in Delhi.

Computer Hardware Repairing Course

Advance Computer Hardware Repairing Course in Laxmi Nagar

ABC Mobile Institute of technology is an institute that is providing an Advance Computer Hardware Repairing Cours in Delhi and is famous for providing courses as per the need of the industry. Because of its industry required courses and it is providing a lot of opportunities to the students in Networking Area. Our course is providing smartly designed sessions that are covering every important aspect of a rapidly growing field of computer Networking that includes giving in-depth exposure of Microsoft Windows Server & Red hat Server.

In this era of technology, a human is using computers for every small purpose of his life. In this case, the importance of a Computer hardware repairing institute has increased many folds. As a student of this course and after successfully completing the course, the student is well demanded in the industry and is creating his presence in the market with his good work. All the companies are seeking for a workforce that is efficient, well trained and cost-effective. Our students are matching the needs of companies and are performing their jobs so efficiently that is adding to the profit of the company.

All of our courses are designed in a manner that supports optimum learning out of the module. This is the reason that made us provide optimum learning in a very short span of time. Things that are related to each other are taught so efficiently that a student doing this computer hardware Repairing Course recalls the important principle very easily and apply it effectively. Our course keeps on adding the new principles that are evolving internationally to set a barrier and develop an edge over the other institutes that are providing such training. At ABCMTI Students interact with each other and share their training insights with each other and hence come up with a more cost-effective and efficient way of performing their work.

Computer Hardware Repairing Course Syllabus:-

Desktop Fundamental – Basic overview computer hardware, Function Keys work, started with windows, Compatible Devices and other computers I/O Devices.

Partitioning drive, Formatting windows, BIOS Features, and all Settings – Various Techniques of Partition like F-Disk Command, Disk Manager etc.

Window Installation – Windows XP, Vista Windows 7, Linux.

Driver Installation – Motherboard Driver, Sound Driver, Display Driver etc.

Application Installation – MS_Office, Photoshop, Corel Draw, Data Recovery, Ghost Virtual Machine, Anti Virus, Emergency Repair Disk, Remote Infrastructure Management System etc.

Tools & Utilities – Partition Magic, Anti-Virus, Driver Checker etc.

Parts of Computer – Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, Speaker etc.

Computer Hardware Repairing Course & Desktop Assembling & Disassembling – Replacing RAM, Hard Disk, CD ROM etc.

ABC Mobile Institute of Technology provides 100% Practical Class Computer Hardware Repairing Course in Laxmi Nagar.