Be your own maker- Join Led Lcd Smart tv Repairing Course 

Time has arrived where you have to work hard for your own self. Nobody else is going to serve you and help you in your career building. Find remarkable options where you can excel and earn a lot of money. Be your own maker by joining Led Lcd Smart tv Repairing Course in Punjab. It has good scopes and opportunities.

Chandigarh is a developed area with the number of institutes offering students a great deal of career-building opportunities. Joining Led Lcd Smart tv Repairing Course in Punjab can bring you with many options of choosing the best career which will guarantee you rising growth.

Led Lcd Smart tv Repairing Course in Punjab

Why should you join ABC Mobile Institute for Led Lcd Smart tv  Repairing?

ABC Mobile Institute is a promising institute which offers a platform for students to enhance their skills. By learning you can become a professional. Turning into a Led Lcd Smart tv or Led Lcd Smart tv repair engineer will take you higher in your career growth. No prior qualification is mandatory. One can easily join Led Lcd Smart tv Repairing Course in Punjab. Along with theoretical classes, practical sessions are also taken care of. The teachers who train students are well experienced and qualified.

Features of  Chandigarh:

  • Updated content syllabus
  • Modernized techniques of teaching
  • Trained and experienced faculty
  • Comfortable environment
  • Free Demo Class
  • 100% placement assistance
  • Live Training Classes
  • 100% Practical Training


Led Lcd Smart tv Repairing Course in Punjab:- ABC Mobile Institute Course Detail:-

  • Liquid Crystals
  • Liquid Crystals Displays
  • The Power Supply Board
  • The Inverter Board
  • The Main Board
  • The Controller/T-con Board
  • The LCD Driver Board
  • The Stand By Circuit
  • The Liquid Crystal Display In Depth
  • Tools
  • Understanding and Testing Voltage Regulators
  • Understanding and Testing Switches
  • Understanding and Testing Fuses
  • Some Testing Tips
  • Useful Formulas
  • How To Disassemble An LCD TV
  • Voltage Test Points
  • The Tap Test
  • Freeze Spray and hair Dryers
  • Connection Problems
  • PSU (Power Supply Unit) Failures
  • Inverter Board Failures
  • Test Types of equipment
  • Schematic Diagrams
  • Understanding and Testing Resistors
  • Understanding and Testing Capacitor
  • Understanding and Testing Inductors
  • Understanding and Testing Transistors
  • Understanding and Testing Diodes
  • Understanding and Testing Bridge Rectifiers
  • Understanding and Testing LEDs
  • Understanding and Testing Switching Transformers
  • Understanding and Testing Opto –Isolators
  • Lines In Picture
  • Cracked Panel
  • TV Repair Case Histories
  • No Video
  • No Audio
  • OSD/Menu Failure
  • White Screen
  • Rainbow Screen
  • Screen Flashes Then TV Shut Down
  • No Back Light


Join ABC Mobile Institute Led Lcd Smart tv  Repairing Institute for better growth opportunities. Learning Led Lcd Smart tv repairing would be the best decision if you want to have immediate fulfillment in wishes. Call :- 9990-879-879